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Have you ever had a bad day and then met someone whom you thought should be having a horrible day but wasn’t? This is my good friend Emeka Nnaka. I am so incredibly inspired by him and so especially grateful to have him in my life.

In 2009, 10 years ago, Emeka was an extraordinarily talented athlete playing on a semi-professional football team plotting his move to the NFL when a play in a game went horribly wrong. The resulting injury would leave Emeka a quadriplegic.

Most people would have given up, they would have assumed their life was over and become a recluse or a much-diminished version of their former self. Emeka Nnaka is human and for a time, as he will tell you, his life did seem hopeless but the same spirit that propelled Emeka to compete in football compelled him to find his path in this new journey. His faith was one of the attributes that helped propel him to that new level of optimism and hope.

Today if you meet ‘Meka’, as most call him, you will first be engaged by his infectious smile and then his hopeful spirit. He has a word of encouragement for everyone. Meka studied the Science of Hope under Chan Hellman, PhD at the University of Oklahoma. (Check out the book Hope Rising on Amazon) However, Meka didn’t need to study hope to establish his mission to empower and encourage all of us to see that more is possible. That incredible heart of courage and enthusiasm inspired Ellen DeGeneres to rename him ‘Amazing Emeka”.

Emeka is a phenomenal spirit but he is more than that, he is a reassurance of what is possible with the right mindset. Emeka chose to take the obstacle and turn it into an opportunity – an opportunity to inspire others to reach their fullest potential.

If you need a powerful speaker, I encourage you to hire Emeka Nnaka for your event, you won’t be disappointed. Follow him on Facebook and watch him on the Ellen DeGeneres show. And when you think that something is too hard and you should just give up, I encourage you to consider ‘Meka’s’ story and be encouraged to Choose Hope in whatever you are encountering.

Deborah Love Bradshaw with Emeka Nnaka
Deborah and Curtis with Emeka Nnaka