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About deborah

Deborah Love Bradshaw is a TEDx Speaker, Resilience Mindset Coach, Cultural Communication Consultant and an Inspirational Speaker. Deborah is the founder of a social media company and the author of 5 books, including her latest title, “When I Ordered You.”

Deborah is passionate about helping others to Identify Their Vision, Set Their Goals, and Take Action Towards Their Purpose.  Her life goal is to help people unlock their potential and find the value in themselves.

Additionally, Deborah is the mother of two amazing sons. When faced with a decision that would change her life forever, Deborah found the strength to move forward and to take the chance to embark on this new journey. What followed were soul lessons regarding the value and purpose in each of us.

Deborah’s workshop on better communication was informative, positive, and highly practical. Participants were taught specific tools to increase their confidence, self-awareness, and understanding of others. These tools are easy to learn and can be used in both personal and professional life. Deborah’s sharing her personal story of tremendous courage and perseverance in the face of adversity made her presentation relatable and inspiring. I very much look forward to Deborah’s future workshops!

Nattasha Bogdanova

It is with great pleasure to recommend Deborah Love Bradshaw. I met Deborah at a Faith in Business Series Breakfast and in just one hour attendees gained a fresh perspective on her passion and powerful testimony. One of Deborah’s most impressive traits is that she is highly self-motivated. She takes the initiative to learn new things and to be well informed. She voices her concerns and questions in a very appropriate manner. She works very hard and is dedicated to what she wishes to accomplish. She is very sensitive to interpersonal nuances and has shown the ability to work well with several vulnerable populations including children with mental disabilities. She has demonstrated she cares a great deal about the welfare of others. Deborah delivers a powerful, uplifting message full of hope that helps you define possibility and potential in your self and your employees. Deborah is simply a blessing.

Ivan Alvarez

Managing Partner, Risk Management Adviser, Marketing Consultant, Strategic Market Developer, Bilingual, Insurance Agent.

Deborah came to a meeting of ours and was absolutely phenomenal. She was engaging and gave practical, helpful tricks to keep in mind during interviews. She was delightful, both personally and professionally.

Genevieve A. Schmitt

Assistant Director of Refugee Resettlement | Educator & Researcher | Published Author

“Writing is about listening.  Listening allows me to help others share their authentic truth.”