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When I Ordered You

When I Ordered You is the brand new book by author and speaker Deborah Bradshaw. It is both a poem and a children’s book. 

When I Ordered You was written from the perspective of a mother’s challenges and the encouragement she found in raising her son with Down Syndrome.

Her unique perspective will encourage others along the journey and help children understand that they have a wonderful value and purpose.

Childrens’ Books

Cruising with Buddy


Buddy’s friends may have challenges but they also have amazing abilities!

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The ultimate guide to going Gluten-free in just 7 days. 7 Days to a Gluten-Free Diet will show you how to adopt a Gluten-Free lifestyle in order to feel healthy, increase energy, and lose weight.

This book contains delicious recipes, quick tips and insider secrets on the fastest way to live a gluten free life.