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Cultural Communication

 Problems I Solve

I help you avoid cultural and communication mistakes that affect your relationships and your bottom line – by teaching you to communicate more effectively with global and generational partners while learning to find the commonalities instead of the differences.

Helping you maneuver the world of Global, Generational and Corporate Culture

Cultural Insight and Competence

Provide detailed congnizance of cultural competence improving your cultural understanding, your business and your marketplace through global, generation and corporate leadership.

Help you to create a work environment where your team thrives while facilitating effective communication with differing world-views whether international, generational or social culture.

Start to improve your company culture by retaining valuable employees, increasing your bottom dollar and growing your brand.

Deborah’s in person and virtual training and coaching includes:

  • Guiding your team to use more effective communication techniques, to understand high context and low context cultural clues helping you to create bridges instead of walls
  • Engaging each member of the team to understand the why’s and how’s of culture, how it impacts their progress and helping them acquire skills that facilitate better communication in all fields
  • Coaching your organization, your team and your individual members to understand and develop respect for other cultural perspectives, communication styles and social languages
  • Directing  your corporate leaders to more effective interactions, delegation and goal setting for their team, their business suppliers and their customers

Deborah’s Workshops Include: 

  • Corporate Culture – Deborah leads you in developing implementable strategies that will improve your employees and your customer’s experience in the workplace.
  • Creating a Diverse and Impactful Corporate Culture that Positively Affects Your Bottom Line.
  • Effective Generational Leadership
  • Learn to Retain Valuable Employees – by Creating Effective Company Culture
  • Global Culture Do’s and Don’ts – Creating a Multi-Cultural Leadership Plan
  • Finding the Value and the skills in your workforce – Empowering People To Be Their Best