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Leadership Self-Care

Problems I Solve

I help leaders understand how self-care improves their business and personal bottom line,  assisting them to create a plan implementing time for self-care.

Leadership Self-Care helps you improve your performance, build effective decision making skills, and create better team relationships, while building team trust. By first leading and caring for themselves, leaders set a good example for others to follow. Physical and emotional well-being are essential to excellent and productive leadership.

Self-care is essential for productive leadership.

Leadership Self-Care and Life Coaching

Everyone needs a coach, that person who not only stands on the sidelines but is willing to get in the game with you, to help you step into the place you were meant to be. Deborah’s triumph over health issues, the temporary loss of her speech and raising a child with special needs gave her the opportunity to develop empathy and understanding of multiple perspectives but also the drive to take action to reach the other side. Deborah will help you see your obstacles as an opportunity.

Start your journey to the life you want.

Deborah’s in person and virtual training and coaching includes:

  • Guiding –  You to develop emotional agility so that you can reflect and reorient
  • Engaging – Your full leadership capabilities by helping you pause and rediscover how to become your most productive.
  • Coaching – You to live your best life and develop optimum workday habits, therefore encouraging your employees to live their best lives and by the example you set.
  • Directing – You to establish practices, and disciplines that will allow you to  enjoy your life and be your most effective.

Deborah’s Workshops Include:

  • Finding Your Purpose  – Through Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses as a Leader
  • Getting Unstuck  – So You Can Reach Your Leadership Goals
  • Performance and Presentation Coaching – Putting Your Best Self Forward
  • The Actor In All Of Us – Learning to Use Your Body Language to Appropriately Present Your Message
  • Authentic Leadership – Helping you lead from the heart